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A niched consulting firm with a holistic view on the energy transition

At a glance

The first consulting firm with a niche in energy transition and infrastructure projects.

Our firm was founded in Stockholm, Sweden, in early 2016 as a consulting firm focused on the energy transition. We advise entrepreneurs and stakeholders in energy, commodity, and infrastructure technologies, projects, investments, and complex transactions on a global scale.

The consultants come from industries with a background in the energy, commodity, and manufacturing sectors. Our founders' expertise in the financial markets and private equities elevates our depth and knowledge on the broader spectrum.


Industry & Sectors
Sectors and technologies


Wind, Solar, and Hydroelectric Power

Small Modular Reactors (SMR)

Battery- and Compressed Air Energy Storage Systems (BESS, and CAES)

Carbone Capture Storage Systems (CCS)

Electric Vehicles (EV)

Electric Motors & Generators

Battery Metals & Minerals Mining and Processing

Waste, Bio- Hydro fuel, and Hydrothermal Carbonization

AI-Monitoring & Analysis for ESG

Macro & Markets
Understand the big picture


Energy Security


Tensions & Flash-points

International Relations

Foreign Policy

Regulations & Policies

Supply & Demand

Natural Resources

Financial Markets

Our words

This is a defining century where governments need to support the supercycle and nurture the new narrative of the energy transition. The energy transition needs flexible, adaptive, bold, innovative policies to keep momentum and oppose economic disparity. A sustainable transition is achievable if we apply a top-down approach that cultivates new ideas throughout organizations and society. 

However, we are challenged by new realities that were predictable by those who hold insights and in-depth understanding of international affairs, energy security, and macroeconomics. Unfortunately, the market has interpreted the growing security and political challenges as black swans. The ability to apply proactiveness hasn't been part of many leaders' risk management which sets conditions for volatility.'

Our firm holds a unique position with a sustainable track record in understanding the financial markets, central bank policies, governments, geopolitics, business cycles, and advantageable valuations of projects and companies.

Our proven accuracy in predicting and highlighting changing dynamics in the financial markets, politics, and security with the potential of causing significant impacts on industries and the financial markets, has been the centerpiece of our work. This has been vital in continuing support for our clients by helping them become more proactive in their strategies and decisions.

We are a long-term partner with our discipline of high integrity, confidentiality, and an agile and streamlined approach. We manage to stay as a competitive consulting firm in a crowded industry. Our expertise and niche make us perfect for energy transition and infrastructure projects and technologies.

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Moses Zaree
Chairman & CEO

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Find out more about our solutions and services by visiting our transaction page on previous client projects and transactions.

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