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We are a specialized consulting firm that provides a comprehensive approach to advising the sustainable industry of the future.

At a glance

A consulting firm pioneer in the industry with a distinct focus on sustainability in the fields of the energy transition, manufacturing, infrastructure, and supply chain systems

In early 2016, our firm was established in Stockholm, Sweden with a primary focus on providing consulting services for the energy transition. Our global consulting services involve advising entrepreneurs and stakeholders on energy, commodity, and infrastructure technologies, projects, investments, and complex transactions.

Our team of consultants hails from various industries with a background in the energy, commodity, and manufacturing sectors, providing us with a wide range of expertise. In addition, our founders' extensive knowledge of financial markets and private equities further enhances our understanding of the broader spectrum.

Moses Zaree The Senior Management Consultant kopiera.jpg

Moses Zaree

CEO, Founder & Senior Advisor

Our Background



Our firm has recently adopted a strategic approach by prioritizing the support for projects that ensure the availability of deep-tech and materials essential for the electrification of the economy, along with other critical infrastructure systems like sustainable energy sources and grid line balance. Moreover, we are actively participating in late R&D phase deep-tech projects to safeguard strategically important technologies that foster the growth and development of Western industries.



Our firm's involvement in energy transitional startups and major infrastructure projects, along with our emphasis on deep-tech and securing the green transition's supply chain system, has garnered us recognition and pride within the industry. This accomplishment has inspired us to expand our engagement with startups and projects that could benefit from our expertise.



At the inception of our firm, we adopted a prudent approach by conducting in-depth analysis on market conditions, industrial and technological advancements. Through our understanding of macro trends, climate change, policies, energy security, and supply chain systems, we began serving as strategic advisors for energy transition and infrastructure projects.

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