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We strive to always put our clients first, perform in an independent fashion, and propose competitive solutions. Read our Code of Conduct >.

About us

We are an analytical-driven Corporate Finance firm with an industry-agnostic approach. We provide services for tech-startups, small to midsize, and mature privately-owned companies. We create opportunities and solutions for our network of investors seeking to invest and be part of our client's business journey. With our core team of experts in different locations together with our network of partners around the globe, we manage to provide broader solutions and services that still hold high quality to our investors and clients.

Our philosophy and our mission

We adapt to current changes and we predict future trends to position ourselves. Our goal is to apply the highest accuracy and insights in markets and industries.


Our philosophy is to always act on behalf of our client's interests with the highest integrity and quality. Our mission is to be a reliable firm for investors and corporate clients in need of advice in complex transactions and growth. Read our Code of Conduct >.

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Our core team

Our core team represents every part of our business. With their expertise and dedication, we work with our global partners to provide the most qualitative solutions for our clients and investors.

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Moses Zaree

CEO and Market Analyst

Stockholm SE


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David Moscato

Capital Markets Advisory


Luxembourg LU


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Patrik Lindström

Market and Equity Analyst

Stockholm SE


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Pegah Zaree

Associate Analyst

London UK


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Martin Mullo

Chief Finance Officer

Stockholm SE


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Global network and partners

We create effective solutions for our client's companies while helping investors find companies they seek to invest in. We act as a bridge between clients seeking financing and investors seeking investment.


Our locations

With Local Presence, We Connect and Share Transactions and Solutions in a Global Scale.

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