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Zaree Access

Our clients include corporates, venture capitals, hedge funds, angel investors and affluent individuals in more than 20 countries. Clients turn to Zaree Access for our complete platform of research and private equity investment services.

Private Markets

Study a selectively chosen deal flow of tech-startups with great entrepreneurs, solutions and disruptive. Search by sectors to find the next successful tech-startup investment. Read through the information in startup prospects, information brochure, fact sheet, pitch deck to apply for your next investment.

The Insider

For our sophisticated investors, we provide tailor-made solutions in debt financing, equity financing, project financing, secondary markets, and other complex instruments. We provide you the opportunity to set the investment terms and criteria; risk, return, duration, collateral, sector, or companies in special situations, sizes, cycles, and regions. Our team will source the prospect and set the best conditions for negotiations in close correspondence with you to achieve the best results. 

Debt Finance Program

We source and find the companies which suit your investment strategies in debt financing through a complete proposal presentation through the Zaree Access platform.

Equity Finance Program

We seek specific companies in accordance with your investment criteria and terms. We choose a selective group of proposals and present them through the Zaree Access platform.

Project Finance Program

Get proposals from our exclusive project finance programs. Invest in projects with your investment criteria. Get exclusivity through the Zaree Access platform.

Secondary Markets Program

Receive the most exclusive proposals from the secondary markets programs through our global network. We present investments through the Zaree Access platform, equity buyouts, employers options, or investors' shares with discounts in attractive growth companies.

How to become a client and a member of Zaree Access

For the convenience of all parties involved and the best quality in communication and future investments, we suggest that you share adequate information so that we can provide you the service and solutions that suit you best. By starting with filling the application form, you are one step from becoming a member of the Zaree network. You will be contacted by one of our Associates for further information.

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Our Clients

We work with small to mid-size companies and we partner with professional investors.