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Capital Markets

We offer independent advice to management, boards, and owners of small and medium-sized companies.

What we do

We have great insights and knowledge in financial engineering, business management; governance and board development, business valuation, and exit plans, capital markets, and capital raising. Our Corporate Finance division focuses on startups, companies in need of capital growth, finance of debt restructuring, funds for acquisitions and project financing, valuations for capital raising and other needs and priorities, exit plans for founders and shareholders. We provide our solutions based on our client's needs and we prioritize qualitative transactions for the benefit of our client's companies and shareholders.

Our philosophy

"By adopting traditional methods, focus on soft values and applying quantitative data based on years of research and developed models accumulated from the industry. We manage to provide results that benefit all parties. Wether if they are investors, financiers, shareholders, or buyers our goal is to provide a well-pronounced attractive transaction"

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Moses Zaree

CEO and Market Analyst

Stockholm SE


Equity Finance

Raise capital through the sale of shares for growth and expansion 


Debt Finance

Financing of mature companies with an interest

Crane Construction

Project Finance

Funding of long-term investments in infrastructure projects

Want to know more?

Our services are produced and formed especially for startups, small to mid-sized privately-owned companies, and shareholders. We have a good understanding of most markets and industries in every stage and cycle. As an industry-agnostic firm, we are flexible and adapt to every case and project. We cover the majority of industries and markets.

Are you a startup, small to mid-sized privately-owned company, or a shareholder of such companies, you are welcome to contact us through our application form or email us directly at clients@zareepartners.com