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Experienced Professionals

Our brand is our people, our culture, and our core principles define us.

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We attract the most talented and dedicated candidates to join our team. We welcome candidates who appreciate our long-term philosophy and share the roadmap for success. We offer experienced professionals competitive employment that can develop to greater success within the firm.

Fields of focus

Private Equity

Meet innovative entrepreneurs and lead their disruptive business to become a success story in connection with our firm's brand.

Corporate Finance

Work closely with our clients, be their problem solver, create solutions in complex transactions with the objective to benefit their needs and strengthen our brand.

Research & Analysis

Work with our team of market experts, keep our brand strong by creating analysis and insights for our clients and community.

Who we seek, what we offer

We seek high-skilled and dedicated individuals to join our firm.  We seek individuals who see their career at Zaree as the starting point for a long and maturing journey at the firm.

By offering a dynamic and inclusive workplace, and encourage high-skilled individuals to take decisions and lead our firm, Zaree will always keep develop and grow thanks to dedicated employees.