Upstream & Midestream

The supply chain for a smooth energy transition has been disrupted. We seek to solve it by focusing on the upstream and midstream of the industry.

Upstream & Midstream

The energy transition is happening, however, the transition needs measures to lower the supply risk to this booming industry which impacts economies as a whole if the energy security and supply risk is not managed. We have experienced several events that have had a direct negative impact on economies, such as the global pandemic crisis, Covid-19, the war in Ukraine, sanctions, and more.


In order to make a smooth and less volatile transition, we will need to attract governments to take creative policies, capital markets to invest in the industries. We believe that the centerpiece of the transition is to solve the up-and midstream supply chain system. We partner with innovative companies and clients who seek to secure the transition. Companies seek to do so by supplying the growing downstream market with the crucial chemicals, metals, and minerals needed to develop and produce the products for the energy transition.

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Metals & Minerals Mining

The energy transition is in a great thirst for metals and minerals, such as lithium, nickel, cobalt, and more. We seek to partner with sustainable and strategically located miners. 

Chemical Plant

Battery & Chemicals Plants

The energy transition is in need of more chemical processing and purifying plants to support the transition. We seek to partner with projects which have sustainability plans and to take market share in North America and Europe.

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