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Deep Tech Startups

Our world is about to change as we know it and the technological revolution will unlock endless opportunities, we support that change.

What we seek and what we can do for you

As a Corporate Finance firm, we manage to provide investment opportunities to our sophisticated investors seeking to invest in new innovations and interesting entrepreneurs.

Our focus is mainly on world-changing startups that are enabled by machine learning, AI, computer vision, and Quantum Computing. The objection of these startups should be to solve complex problems in industries, societies, health and medicine, and the environment. We welcome software and hardware technologies in seed and early-stage in need of our expertise as a long-term partner and advisor.

Our goal and shared values

"We are at the pinnacle of technology paradigm shift. What comes next will disrupt an already disruptive market and industry. We will move towards a new era of human awareness which will give birth to new solutions to many crises and problems that our societies face today."


"Our philosophy is based on the fundamentals of long-term goals, to pave the way for the future generations and to leave a legacy which will continuously inspire each other and the younger generation to take the lead and not be fearful for change"

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Moses Zaree

Macro and Market Analyst

Stockholm SE

Join us now!

Our goal is to empower entrepreneurship.  Our focus is especially on startups, small to mid-sized privately-owned tech companies. We have a good understanding of most markets and industries in every stage and cycle. As an industry-agnostic firm, we are flexible and adapt to every case and project. We cover the majority of industries and markets.

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