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We support the Energy Transition

We focus on identifying and empowering the energy transition through financing, advice, and our market expertise.

Energy Transition

The energy transition is quite a wide topic, a range of industries and major infrastructure projects need to be optimized and even disrupted with new technologies and thinking. Through our expertise, with a background from the energy, commodity, and infrastructure industries, we contribute to our client's business and projects.


By adding our entrepreneurial spirit and dedication, we partner with clients who value our contribution to their business. As dedicated entrepreneurs in the energy transition, we seek partners who have a clear vision and strategies for solving and improving the industry with valuable solutions. Our advice and strategic role to our clients, as a niched investment and consulting firm, makes us stay at the forefront of this new booming industry that benefits our clients in the long run.

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EVs, BESS and Batteries

We focus on identifying the next innovative producer of battery chemicals and materials, and producers of BESS and EVs.

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SMRs, Advanced Reactors

We seek to find the next innovative energy source, in Small Modular Reactors and other sustainable and safe Advanced Reactors.

Environment Pollution

Waste, Bio and Hydro Energy

We seek to find the next problem solvers for our climate. Sustainable solution in waste management, biofuel, and hydrogenfuel energy.

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Future Intrastructure

The new transitions includes big infrastructure investments. We seek to find the problem solvers of the challenges of tomorrow.

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We apply our in-depth insights and analysis to create perspective and contribute intellectually to our clients and community.

Sustainability and infrastructure agnostics

We are industry agnostics, which makes us available for most markets and opportunities. We provide exclusive solutions for corporates, venture capitals, hedge funds, UHNWI, angel investors, and affluent individuals in more than 20 countries.

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We focus and dedicate our time to seed, small to mid-size companies. Contact us to get to know us.