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Get to know Moses

In the past, when people asked about my work as a event-driven trader, I used to describe myself as someone who builds dreams, whether they turn out to be sweet dreams or nightmares. However, my perspective has shifted in recent years. Now, I see my work as building bridges and dreams alongside engineers and other brilliant minds, and entrepreneurs, all with the goal of creating a sustainable future.

Together, we work to bridge the gap between imagination and reality, bringing dreams to life while also considering the long-term impact on our environment and society. By collaborating with experts from various fields, we can ensure that our projects are not only innovative and exciting but also responsible and sustainable. I am excited to continue working towards this vision of a better future, one bridge and dream at a time.

Moses Zaree

My Story

Being raised by two brilliant Persian parents, I was fortunate to grow up in an intellectually stimulating environment that placed great value on reading, music, art, and education. Growing up in a household that was both liberal and literary, my parents held high expectations for me from a very young age. As the son of an engineer and businessman, I had the opportunity to be involved in my father's entrepreneurship endeavors early on, where I was invited to learn and comprehend the intricate world of trade and manufacturing.

Having the opportunity to be involved in my father's business activities and to learn from him directly laid the foundation for my future as an entrepreneur. In addition, my parents' engagement in book clubs and discussions with intellectuals on various topics including philosophy, politics, and global challenges had a profound impact on me, leaving a lasting impression. As a result, I developed a keen interest in comprehending the complex and multidimensional changes that shape our world over time.

Starting my career as a trader, I found my place on a team of hedge fund managers in London, where I applied my analytical skills and macro-political knowledge to develop investment strategies that benefited hedge funds. My area of expertise lay in macro-level concerns, specifically global trade and supply chain systems. I maintained an intense focus on asset classes like commodities, currencies, fixed incomes, and equities that related to my field of knowledge. Thanks to my professional experiences, I have gained invaluable insights into a range of topics, including capital markets, transactions, risk management, corporate finance, central bank policies, government policies, and leadership.

However, as time went on, I began to question the sustainability and purpose of my previous work as a trader. This realization marked a turning point for me, and in 2016, I founded Zaree & Partners with the aim of using my accumulated knowledge to contribute to a sustainable world for my two daughters and future generations.

Since founding Zaree & Partners, I have provided crucial advice and leadership to founders and C-suite executives across a variety of areas, including large infrastructure projects, technologies, investments, strategies, organizational structures, growth, mergers and acquisitions, valuations, IPO/listing strategies and more. I maintain a consistent focus on risk management throughout all of my work. I firmly believe that recognizing and addressing potential risks within an organization as a whole is essential for achieving success.

In my work, I have proven to be a transparent and straightforward communicator with my team and clients. As a former trader, I know the importance of clear communication, and I believe that honest advice and open dialogue are essential for building trust and achieving success with clients.


I choose to engage with projects based on my strong belief in the founders and the sector, and where I am confident that my knowledge and experience can be effectively applied to enhance the project's outcomes.

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Moses Zaree

CEO, Founder & Senior Advisor


Zaree & Partners was established by Moses in 2016. Prior to this, he gained valuable experience in international investment banking, primarily in London, Switzerland, and Dubai, working as a trader and in capital markets transactions.

Moses possesses extensive expertise in various market environments, challenging business situations, and complex transactions. With his professional background in transaction and valuation processes, he has proven to be a skilled and collaborative advisor to numerous industries, including infrastructure, energy, manufacturing, and deep-tech sectors.

Aside from his professional pursuits, Moses is a devoted collector of art and ancient historical artifacts. He has a keen interest in technology, science, history, literature, and travel. Additionally, he enjoys spending quality time with his two daughters.



Executive MBA Programme


Executive Finance Programme

LSE - Certificate

Business, International Relations and the Polical Economy

Yale School of Management - Certificate

Sustainable Finance and Investment

Oxford - Certificate

Leading Sustainable Corporate

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