Career: Private Equity Analyst

We are seeking to fill vacancies within Private Equity investments. Our firm has a unique position with a niche in energy transition and infrastructure investments.

Private Equity Analyst with focus on energy transition and sustainability

We seek to fill vacancies within our Private Equity investment team. Our firm has a unique position with a niche in energy transition and infrastructure investments. We seek candidates with a passion to support innovative companies seeking to change our societies for a sustainable future. The candidate will have an active advisory role to the client's CIO, CFO, and Capital Market team.

The role will mainly be to advise and support the client throughout their growth stage. The role will have a full focus on the process and preparation to raise equity or debt capital, M&A preparations, partnerships, and financial reporting for the client's shareholders.

Private Equity Analyst

Full-time at Zaree & Partners


  • Performing valuations on a wide range of illiquid investments across the energy transition industries and geographies

  • Reporting valuation results to clients and handling client queries

  • Creating prospects, pitch decks, valuation reports, and other documents needed for the equity or debt financing process, M&As, Joint Ventures, or other partnerships

  • Financial reporting and business plan review

  • Contributing to the design and enhancement of the financial models used to perform valuations

  • Working with management to maintain client relationships

Educations and Experience:

  • Solid experience in constructing and reviewing valuation models and other financial models including DCF, Comparable Company, M&A Transaction, Black Scholes, and other asset models

  • Experience in responding to client price challenges

  • Knowledge of software packages including MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

  • In-depth knowledge of several industry sectors, e.g. energy, commodity, transportation, infrastructure

  • Experience in maintaining client relationships

  • Experience in prioritizing tasks in order to deliver valuations

  • Exceptional energy, drive, and stamina

  • Flexible and able to adapt to changing situations

  • Strong influential skills

  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills

  • Strong team player

Salary and Benefits:

  • Fixed Monthly Salary

  • Project Commission

  • Yearly Bonus

  • Opportunity for partnership

  • Workplace and schedule flexibility

Are you a curious and driven person who prioritizes the company and the client's best interests?

Do you have a high work ethic, integrity, and professionalism and wonder if you have a place within Zaree & Partners.

If so, please fill in the application form, upload the required documentation, and write the name of the role ("Private Equity Analyst") when applying for the role.


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