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Application form and KYC form for Zaree Access membership


You are one step away from your full membership. Please fill in the fields below. The marked* fields are mandatory to complete your KYC form. Please fill the KYC form to finish your membership, if any question emerges please contact your Associate at Zaree & Partners or email us at

Note: All information provided to us is strictly confidential. We will not share any information with a third party outside of our organization. Some information could be disclosed for the purpose to fulfill your investment request and in a process of investment transactions. We will manage your personal information with the highest degree of integrity and confidentiality, we will always act according to our Code of Conduct. You find more information on how we process data and information in our Privacy PolicyYou are also welcome to read the Terms & Conditions of Zaree Access membership.

1. Previous experience of investing in Private Equity
2. Previous knowledge of investing in Private Equity
3. Understands risks associated with Private Equity investments
5. Possess the financial ability to lose all or part of invested capital to achieve objectives of the investment, willing to take high risk
6. If you have answered "NO" to any of the questions 1-5, Zaree & Partners belives that the investment proposals introduced through Zaree Access is not compatible with your profile and recalls the risk of losing all or part of investments, capital loss. Do you still want to become a member and to recieve Private Equity investment offers?
4. Experience in unlisted securities

Depending on your answers above in the section on the Money Laundering Regulations, we will provide investment proposals that suit you best.


In order to give you the best experience of your membership, we would like to understand more about your investment criteria and needs. Please fill the form to provide us with the information and insight into your investment focus, risk, and reward criteria. The marked * questions are mandatory to answer.

8. Form of Investment
9. Revenue
10. Business Plan
11. Business Cycles
12. Average Ticket-Size
13. Investing in Series
14. Industry Focus
15. Sector focus *
17. Return On Investment (ROI)
18. Investment Duration (in years)

Based on your answers above in the section of your profile, investment focus, and criteria, we will provide investment proposals that suit you best.


By understanding your current investment and portfolio status we will be able to provide you with the best services and solutions. Please fill the form to provide us with the information and insight into your investment capacity and philosophy. The marked * questions are mandatory to answer.


23. Gender


34. Person in a politically exposed position ("PEP") - natural person or principal. Persons referred to in (1) - (9) below are, during the period in which they hold the post, and for a period of 18 months thereafter, persons in a politically exposed position (hereinafter "PEP").

Have you, or have had, an important position or function as;

  1. Head of State or Government

  2. Minister or Deputy Minister

  3. Member of Parliament

  4. Member of the central bank's governing body

  5. Member of the Board of the Political Party represented in the bodies referred to in any of points (1) to (4) above

  6. Judge of the Supreme Court, Constitutional Court or
    another high-level judicial body whose decisions only
    may exceptionally be appealed

  7. Senior official at the audit authority

  8. Embassy or Head of Mission

  9. Senior officer in the Armed Forces, or a person who is a member of state-owned companies' administrative, management or control bodies

35. Are you a family member of a PEP? (Family member means spouse, registered partner, cohabitant, children and their spouses, registered partner or cohabitant and parents.)
36. Are you a well-known employee of a PEP?

With well-known employees means:

  • Natural person, who according to what is known or there is reason to believe, jointly with a PEP is the real principal of a legal person or legal construction or otherwise has or has had close connections with a PEP, and

  • A natural person who is the sole real principal of a legal person or legal structure which, as far as is known or there is reason to believe, has actually been established in favor of a PEP.

37. Attach a copy of a valid ID document (ID Card, Passport, or Driving License). Upload the file as a Document or Image.



47. Attach a copy of the company's Certificate of Registration and Memorandum of Association. Upload the files as Documents.



Acting principal (for legal entities, the company). For legal entities, enter information in the box below for individuals owning 25% or more of the shares in the company, directly or indirectly, of the legal entity.

If the real principle can not be identified, any of the following persons in the below list shall be considered the real principal of the company; Chairman of the Board, CEO, or equivalent executives.

48. No individual owner owns 25% or more, directly or indirectly

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