Zaree Updates - Focus on sustainability

Updated: Mar 8

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We have been studying the “green-movement” since its inception and maintained regular correspondence with individuals with the expertise and understanding of this movement. Our view is that we are still in a quite an early stage of this cycle. We believe that there is more to be done, and that policy makers and the market are more mature for such new changes. We want to contribute and be part of that change.

Our field of focus is to work with startups who have found a disruptive solution to the challenge of a creating a more sustainable world. We also seek projects working within sustainability who are in need of finance.

Our society is changing fast with the IOT (Internet of Things) applied in every industry, communication and infrastructure. The development in industry is changing with higher velocity with the new 5G infrastructure, and 6G already lurking in a near future.

One of our focus is on production of batteries for electric vehicles in a sustainable manner. This is an important issue considering that the raw materials used in the industry are highly toxic for the environment.

We are also focusing on new farming technologies that disrupts the whole landscape and tradition of food production. Our core values are that the agricultural industry is made more efficient with less carbon footprint as a result. We think this is a feasible development when policy makers and the educational sector of society work together.

One first step in reversing the destruction of the landscape is through vertical farming. This new form of farming will solve the issue of long-distance transportation, and will require less space of land. We are invested in furthering the development of vertical farming as an alternative to conventional farming industry.

A major issue is that of fresh water. Sources for fresh water are drying out with alarming consequences for a growing global population. This has the potential to become an underlying factor of destabilization and could pose a threat to very existence of humanity. Finding a solution is of major concern.

We are looking for startups with innovative solutions for a more sustainable society and future for the next generations.