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Secondary Markets

We provide solutions for shareholders who seek to sell shares to attractive buyers in a secondary market.

Our solution

We know that it is an arduous and long process for shareholders of privately-owned companies to find appropriate buyers. By working with our well-proven solutions, our clients spare time and we achieve successful transactions.

We share our expertise to broke privately-owned shares through our network of global investors. We scout and source the right candidates of buyers, and negotiates for our clients. We provide our solutions based on our client's needs and we prioritize qualitative transactions for the benefit of our clients.

The way we work

"Every case is different from the other. Normally we engage with investors or shareholders who need to spin-off part, or the whole holdings of shares in private equity. Some transactions are more sensitive as the shareholder's company seeks to become a public-traded company. In that regard, we work with the highest level of confidentiality to protect our clients and the shareholders in the company"

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Pegah Zaree

Associate Analyst

London UK

Our Focus

We focus on shareholders of companies in attractive stages or industries. We help shareholders match their shares with buyers in a secondary market. We advise through the whole process.

Business Team

Secondary Markets

Let us be your prime broker and match your shares with attractive buyers.

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Our services are for shareholders in private-owned companies. Our global network of institutions and investors makes us reliable in our process of sourcing attractive buyers of shares. As an industry-agnostic firm, we are flexible and adapt to every case and need. We cover the majority of industries and markets.

Are you a shareholder in need of our services, you are welcome to contact us through our application form or email us directly at