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Whether you seek to sell or acquire a company we are a dedicated partner who always works for the best interest of our clients.

We advice in complex transactions

We share our expertise in Management Consulting; advisory services in operations, strategies, competitions, markets evaluation, business model review, corporate restructuring, contract negotiations, selling businesses, or corporate spin-offs.

Our Merges & Acquisition division work with companies in acquisitions and SPACs in need of services to source the targeted profile of startups, mature companies, technologies, or IPs. We provide our solutions based on our client's needs and we prioritize transparency and qualitative transactions for the benefit of our clients.

Our philosophy

"By adopting traditional methods, focus on soft values and applying quantitative data based on years of research and developed models accumulated from the industry. We manage to provide results that benefit all parties. Whether if there are investors, financiers, shareholders, or buyers the end goal is to provide a well-pronounced attractive transaction"

David Moscato

Capital Markets Advisor

Luxembourg LU

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Management Consulting

Let us contribute to refine and sharpen your business to achieve your management goals.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

We scout for opportunities whether you are a seller or a buyer of a company.

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Our services are produced and formed especially for large and mid-sized privately-owned companies, managers and shareholders. We possess great expertise in complex transactions in most industries. As an industry-agnostic firm, we are flexible and adapt to every case and project.

Are you a company in need of our M&A services, or Management Consulting, you are welcome to contact us through our application form or email us directly at