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We have a long tradition of research and analysis in the financial market and macro trends. We are well known for our insights and perspectives.

What we can do for you

As an analytics-driven firm, we share our expertise with private investors, institutions, hedge funds, venture capitals, family offices, and other professional investors and managers of companies in need of insights and analysis based on their business and strategic investment needs.

Our field of focus is on trends, equities, financial markets, macroeconomics, central banks, money markets, industries, policies, and political risk. Whether it's for finding opportunities or minimize risk exposure, we are able to produce and highlight the parameters, underlying factors, and non-discovered events to deliver the highest quality of the analysis.

With an analytic eye

"We are a team of highly dedicated experts in diverse fields with many years of experience. Our philosophy is rooted in an empirical approach to the world we live in. Whether it is a "nano" analysis, on specific equities or assets we always take our standpoint from a larger perspective. As our brand and track record is important, we only approve inquiries if the need fit our fields of expertise and knowledge"

Patrik Lindström

Market and Equity Analyst

Stockholm SE


Equity Research

Raise capital through the sale of shares for growth and expansion 


Macro Trends

Financing of mature companies with an interest


Policies and Regulations

Funding of long-term investments in infrastructure projects

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Our services are for shareholders in private-owned companies. Our global network of institutions and investors makes us reliable in our process of sourcing attractive buyers of shares. As an industry-agnostic firm, we are flexible and adapt to every case and project. We cover the majority of industries and markets.

Are you a shareholder in need of our services, you are welcome to contact us through our application form or email us directly at