We Empower Startups

We focus on identifying and empowering startups and entrepreneurs through financing, advice and our market expertise.

What we can do

As an investment firm, we manage to provide investment opportunities to our sophisticated investors seeking to invest in new innovations and interesting entrepreneurs. For startups, small to midsize companies we mainly focus on their need for financial structuring, seed and growth financing, project financing, debt or equity financing, additional services such as management consulting, business model review, and market analysis. We apply our entrepreneurial spirit to our client's projects. We believe in building long-lasting relationships with our clients based on mutual trust.

Our focus

We create effective solutions for new innovations and entrepreneurs through financing their growth needs and advising on complex issues. We focus on a long-term partnership with the highest degree of dedication and adaptation.

Confident Woman

We Empower Women

We focus on identifying the next growth startup of tomorrow, lead by women.

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Focus on Deep-Tech

We seek to support startups of the next technology revolution, the paradigm shift of our world.

Trees and Cliff

We are Sustainable

We believe in our long-term philosophy, we want to help to grow sustainable societies.

Creative Working

Scalable Startups

We help and advise tech-startups with scalable solutions, from seed to early growth and growing stage.

Industry agnostics

We are industry agnostics, which makes us available for most markets and opportunities. We provide exclusive solutions for corporates, venture capitals, hedge funds, angel investors, and affluent individuals in more than 20 countries.


Startups Join Us

We focus and dedicate our time to seed, small to mid-size companies. Contact us to get to know us.