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Zaree and Britishvolt

Join us today to Charge the Gigaplant of tomorrow
Published: September 2021
Updated: January 28th of 2022


Zaree and Britishvolt sign for strategic partnership to finance the next Gigaplant of Europe, located in Northumberland, UK.

Zaree is honored to announce that it has entered into important partnership with one of the most attractive infrastructure projects that are taking shape in the UK. We are thrilled to participate and contribute to an infrastructure project ranked as one of the most substantial investments in the history of manufacturing projects in the UK.


Britishvolt is a pioneer in electric vehicle battery cell technology with high media attention and market attraction. The electric vehicle battery startup is on tour to raise funds to build the Gigaplant in the Northumberland site and to further expand the battery production to its fullest scale to provide full capacity to supply the increasing demand of the electrification of transportation fleets.

Through this partnership, Zaree will be able to offer its network of investors and partners to participate in one of the most exciting investment opportunities taking place in Europe.

News & Updates

January 28, 2022

Britishvolt & Lotus sign MoU to collaborate on next generation battery cells specific to Lotus requirements.

January 24, 2022

Britishvolt successfully develops Production Intent battery cells; signs agreement to scale-up next generation cell technologies with UKBIC.

January 21, 2022

Britishvolt recieves government grant and secures £1.7bn funding for North East battery plant.


Sustainability the very core of Britishvolt values and commitments

The core of the business is to help governments to reach their emission targets. The UK, where Britishvolt is based, have taken steps to lower its carbon emission by 78% by 2035 and net-zero carbon by 2050. The strong momentum for Britishvolt is here to stay as indicated by consumers behavior and national policy as the demand for sustainable transportation will increase. 

Britishvolt core values and commitments are firm and clear, the most significant commodities for electric vehicle batteries are mainly cobalt, a need to apply ESG Principles and Commitments. For this reason, the social and environmental responsibility has been transferred to the project since day one.

Britishvolt and Glencore signed a long-term partnership to supply cobalt according to ESG Principles and Commitments. This pioneer, the electric vehicle battery startup, has ensured to lead by example, to ensure that its supply chains are as ethical, low carbon, and sustainable as possible.

By studying this booming industry, we must highlight that increasing numbers of Gigaplants will need to transform its internal supply chains as the question arises of the ethics and sustainability of those electric vehicle batteries. We are delighted to cooperate with Britishvolt as they have demonstrated a deep understanding of the industry that is in change, and by its long-term philosophy of applying ESG Principles and Commitments in the early stage.



Britishvolt the supplier to an increasing demand

Britishvolt is about to start the first construction of its Gigaplant (read Britishvolt news) in the Northumberland site in Blyth, UK. Establishing the first production scale of the lithium-ion Gigaplant in three phases of 10GWh, reaching a total capacity of 30GWh by the end of 2027, to reach the point of manufacture over 300,000 electric vehicle battery packs on annual basis.

This global battery market is valued at approximately $250bn by 2040 and the sharp rise of demand will keep this industry booming in the long term. The sales of electric vehicles will anticipate accounting for >50% of European sales in 2025. 420GWh of battery demand anticipated in Europe in 2026. Europe anticipated leading electric vehicle sales in absolute units until 2031. The North American market sees a sharp rise in US battery demand for electric vehicles by 2024, with approximately 2m electric vehicles to be produced in North America by 2027. 170GWh of battery demand anticipated in North America by 2025.

Britishvolt sees the UK and Canada as highly attractive locations for its Gigaplants given the strong market fundamentals, early-mover opportunities, and supportive government attitudes. Canada is an attractive location because of its resources and geographic market locations. The UK has a great industry background with competitive labor, government support, and geographic proximity to the European market.

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